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Re: is libkpatsea memory leak free ?

On 27.01.12 Jerome BENOIT (g6299304p@rezozer.net) wrote:

Hello Jerome,

> As concerns memory leaks, valgrind enables to get where a non freed
> object was allocated: function calls are traced back.  To see where
> to properly free is missing is a human task.
So, the functions calls are visible?

> Is there any interest for the Debian TeX Task Force to get a memory
> leaks free kpathsea?
Well, kpathsea is mostly not used by server processes, which run
hours, days, etc. Hence a small memory leak is not *that* important
(IMHO). If you're willing to identify them feel free to do so and
report them upstream. But I'd rather use the kpathsea from TL 2011,
not the outdated version in Debian.

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