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Re: How can I help with packaging of TeXLive

Hi Jan,

great that you want to help packaging TeX Live!!!

On So, 30 Okt 2011, Jan Hlavacek wrote:
> I am a long time Debian user (I started with Debian Slink in 99). I have
> been using TeX significantly longer than that.  I have very little

Wow, that is a long time experience. Good.

> /usr/local/, alongside the regular Debian TeXLive packages.  So far I
> have not experienced any conflicts or other difficulties with that
> setup.

I know, that is why I suggest it to do the same to those in actual
need for TL2011 ;-)

> I would like to contribute some time and effort to the task of bringing
> the TeXLive packages on Debian up to date, however, I an not sure how to

THe packaging is done in the texlive2011 part of the repository, but 
AFAIR I have to restart that one to move changes made recently in
the TL2009 branch over to the TL2011 part, damned.

What we can do
upload the binaries I made some time ago 
WARNING: they are not installable
What we would need is someone that *looks* into these packages
(dpkg -e and dpkg -x is your friend) and checks on problems, that
means, compare the layout with the one in upstream texlive and with
the one of current telxive 2009 packages for possible problems:
- missing files (from debian tl2009 -> debian tl2011)
- missing links
- missing bin (from upstream tl2011 to debian tl2011)
- ...

Then there are several patches that need to be adapted. What comes straight
to my mind is:
- since we have the libpaper patches in now, we NEED the quivalent of
  the set -e patch, that is that mktexlsr and fmtutil etc exit 1 if
  there is an error
- the debianization patch of updmap must be adapted, that is important

Furthermore, there is a document in svn called README that explains
many things. It is outdated wrt to 2011, but for 2009 it is mostly

> start.  The least I can do is testing.  I couldn't find any publicly
> available TeXLive 2011 packages that I could install and test. I believe

THere are not packges that are *installable*. And as long as nobody
helps to fix this problem there will not be installable packages
for quite some time, namely until I find enough time, and that is
rare recently, due to having a serious job.

So, I hope you can take a look into that, but what we need is people
with initiative and the will to *read* documents and *read* source code,
not people that wnat to test install packages, because that is the
last step. When we are that far I am happy, but that is still a long
way to go.


Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
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