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Re: How can I help with packaging of TeXLive

Jan Hlavacek <jhlavace@svsu.edu> wrote:

> What I wanted to know is whether there is a plan to update TeXLive to
> 2011, or whether Debian will wait and include 2012 in the next stable
> release?  Either way, I would like to help with the process. 

As far as I know, Norbert has started packaging 2011, and wants to
upload it.  What has happened to the repository I do not know. 

The SVN repository is at 


but Norbert hasn't committed there for weeks - it might well be that
many improvements are on his local disk.

I'm sure he will answer in the next days, he is usually around.

Generally, help is much appreciated, and you do not need to be familiar
with Debian packaging to start.  Following up to bugs, preparing
patches, uploading them to SVN as soon as you've shown some steady
committment and got added to the TeX group (you need an alioth account).

As for helping with TeXLive 2011, you would need to

- check out the "trunk" directory above, and have a copy of TL 2011
  somewhere (I think it may even be a DVD)

- run

perl tpm2deb-source.pl --master=/wherever/tl/2011/is make-orig-tar texlive-$whatyouwant

and debug the failures...

Debugging should, if ever possible, be done by changing
all/debian/tpm2deb.cfg (or the contents of the packages' directories
under trunk), not by changing the scripts. Before considering patches
for the scripts, by all means talk with Norbert first.

Regards, Frank

Frank Küster
Sprecher B90/Grüne OV Miltenberg und Umgebung
VCD Miltenberg, ADFC Aschaffenburg-Miltenberg
Debian Developer (TeXLive)

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