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Bug#644207: texlive-xetex: Outdated polyglossia package prevents creation of correct documents in Dutch

tags 644207 + fixed-upstream

On 04.10.11 Wouter Bolsterlee (uws@xs4all.nl) wrote:


I'm sorry, but you get the same answer as all other people opening
such requests.

> According to its README file, the version of the Polyglossia
> package included with texlive-xetex=2009-14 is only v1.0.2, while
> upstream has released v1.2.0 some time ago.  Amongst other things,
> this release fixes spelling errors and a off-by-one error in month
> name selection for the Dutch glossary.  Without these fixes one
> cannot produce correct documents in Dutch _at all_, hence the
> "important" severity of this report.
We just package TL, we don't modify it. The new version TL 2011
probably has the fix, hence I simply tag your bug as fixed in
upstream. If you need the new version of that package earlier,
please install it into your local texmf tree.

sigmentation fault

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