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Bug#644207: texlive-xetex: Outdated polyglossia package prevents creation of correct documents in Dutch

Package: texlive-xetex
Version: 2009-14
Severity: important

Dear fantastic TeXLive maintainers,

According to its README file, the version of the Polyglossia package
included with texlive-xetex=2009-14 is only v1.0.2, while upstream has
released v1.2.0 some time ago. Amongst other things, this release fixes
spelling errors and a off-by-one error in month name selection for the Dutch
glossary. Without these fixes one cannot produce correct documents in Dutch
_at all_, hence the "important" severity of this report.

Please include an updated Polyglossia package in texlive-xetex, so that
correct document can be produced without locally patching

(Additionally, the Dutch translation has some further issues, reported
upstream with patches: https://github.com/fc7/polyglossia/issues/23 and
https://github.com/fc7/polyglossia/pull/25. Unfortunately, upstream seems
rather inactive lately. I would be great if these fixes could make it in
Debian, but I'll let the maintainers decide on this one.)

Thanks in advance!

    — Wouter

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