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Bug#493778: Insanely long package description for texlive-latex-extra

On 07/04/2011 01:59, Norbert Preining wrote:
On Mi, 06 Apr 2011, Christian PERRIER wrote:
Moreover, the nature of the list makes it constantly changing...or
never up-to-date...which gives the same result : it is impossible to
translate in the DDTP.

But it is the list of packages included, and as Hauke said, the main
aim is to allow people to easily search for a CTAN packages.

a partially solution can be to include only the CTAN packages names and not the description (add a paragraph with: a detailed description can be found in the...).

Something like this:

The following CTAN packages are included:
CTAN1, CTAN2, CTAN3, ..., CTANn.
a detailed description can be found in the /.../README and at http://ctan.debian.org/more.html

In that way the package description can be translated very easy and a user can find the package that include the CTAN he are searching for.


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