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Bug#493778: Insanely long package description for texlive-latex-extra

Quoting Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at):
> On Mi, 06 Apr 2011, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > Moreover, the nature of the list makes it constantly changing...or
> > never up-to-date...which gives the same result : it is impossible to
> > translate in the DDTP.
> But it is the list of packages included, and as Hauke said, the main
> aim is to allow people to easily search for a CTAN packages.

Hello Norbert, thanks for your quick answer.

Sure. That's an argument.

Please forgive the "insanely" word. I was a little bit annoyed
yesterday after spending about 30 minutes proofreading the still
partial French translation we have in the DDTP (we reached letter "e").

I was also influenced by the lack of comments in the bug report (which
was surprising to me as I know the good level of maintenance that you
put in LaTeX packages). Your fast answer shows me that you probably
just missed the bug report, which I understand, given the probably
high number of BR received by LaTeX packages.

Anyway....we now have this discussion, which is good.

> > Please move that crazy list to README.Debian and give a decent
> > description to the package.
> What do you consider "decent"?
> I consider useful as decent.

Sure, things are tricky. And I understand the usefulness of keeping
the list in the description.

Could we settle for a kind of compromise: the current list becomes
"frozen". In case a new component is added to the package, it does in
an extra list (indeed a new paragraph in the package description in
debian/control). At the minimum, this would preserve the work already
done by translators (for instance the Italian team)....and give a
guarantee that a small update (which I assume to be potentially
frequent) will not "fuzzy" current work.

Splitting the list would be nice, but that would need an update for
existing work and the DDT* is not well suited for this.

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