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Re: Help with my Squeeze upgrade! (missing fonts)

Someone probably already replied to this, but there's a little more info on the "LMTypewriter10" mystery. As Norbert Preining points out in the NEWS.Debian.gz file and elsewhere, the name change in lmodern came upstream ... from, it looks like, the MAKERS of the font itself! So I guess that's not going to change any time soon!

So the 'real' answer is to use LMMono10 from now on. That means changing it in all source documents too, and re-TeXing everything! Yikes!

But doesn't that also mean that a bug should be filed in the "context" package since it's still with LMTypewriter10?

And for the curious (I learned a few thigns here too!) this is a slide slideshow about LM from the developers:



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