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Bug#609600: context: ConTeXt does not execute MetaPost

On Di, 11 Jan 2011, Hilmar Preuße wrote:
> To me the last few postings (of today) point to a broken config file.
> We'll have a look at that later.

Very simply: I will disable everything related to MkIV, and write:
	MkIV is not supported in Debian. by design MkIV is not
	meant for multi-user systems, thus it cannot be supported
	in Debian out of the box. If you know your way around
	ConTeXt MkIV you probably be able to set it up for your
	needs, if not the maintainers recommend using the
	ConTeXt minimals for MkIV.
For the moment I have enough from permanently changing configuration
files, locations, missing multi-user support etc in ConTeXt MkIV.
MkII is working fine and without problems.

Best wishes

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