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Re: LaTeX for Korean

Hi Osamu

On 11 April 2010 16:25, Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Changwoo Ryu and Texlive-people,
> Can any one you find someone who knows about making Korean page using
> Latex tool chain.

I have two possible tool chains that you can use and that I know.

Option 1:
Attached you will find an example TeX file with accompanying PDF that
can be found in the latex-cjk-xcjk package.  It makes use of the xCJK
package, a mix between XeTeX and CJK.
It makes directly use of the TTF fonts, most of which are downloadable
from Debian's main repositories.  Don't worry, the fonts in the PDF
are embedded.

No utf8x may be used, and instead of the binary "latex" you need to
use "xelatex", part of the texlive-xetex package.  I prefer this
option because you don't need all those bulky and awkward
self-generated TFM anymore; with Xe(La)TeX you can instead use the TTF
directly, and don't need Fontforge anymore.  AFAIK, only UTF-8 is

Option 2:
If OTOH you still need to use "latex", then we will need to use the
TFM fonts from the "ko.tex" packages.  I just noticed that the
"KS.tex" example (part of latex-cjk-korean) doesn't work out of the
box anymore, because the old HLaTeX had some font variants that ko.tex
doesn't anymore.  I will upload a new version of the CJK package
within a few days to correct this.

The advantage of using option 2, is that you can still rely on the
trusty old "latex" binary.  Currently only EUC-KR is supported.  UTF-8
was and is still on my TODO list, sorry (font-related issues).  If you
want to go for option 2, then I will spend some of my vacation working
on this. ;-)

There are probably other possibilities, but I have no experience with
them (such as directly using ko.tex without xCJK).  If any of the
above tool chains are to your liking, then I can help you configuring
the correct LaTeX headers.

> This old data was assuming HLaTeX which is outdated.

True, it is now ko.tex, but some of the font variants are not available anymore.



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