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Bug#566158: texlive-binaries: hyperlinks do not work in xdvi

Hi all,

On Do, 21 Jan 2010, Martin Ziegler wrote:
> Hyperlinks in dvi-files created with \usepackage[hypertex]{hyperref}
> do not work with the new xdvi.
> The anchor text has blue color, as it should be. But if the mouse
> pointer is over the text, it does not change its appearance and left
> clicks have no effect.

I cannot reproduce that.

On Fr, 22 Jan 2010, Martin Ziegler wrote:
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage[hypertex]{hyperref}
> \newtheorem{remark}{Remark}
> \begin{document}
> This is a link to Remark \ref{remark} on the next page.
> And this a link to Section \ref{section}.
> \newpage
> \section{section}\label{section}
> \begin{remark}\label{remark}
>   Remark
> \end{remark}
> \end{document}

I ran this test file through latex as it is installed on Debian, and
also through latex of upstream TL.

I tested both with both xdvi.

In all cases the pointer changes to a small hand with a finger when 
moving over the anchor, and left clicking on it jumps to the
right page.

Can someone explain me what I do not see here?

Maybe your mouse sensitivity is too hight? The spot where you have to
move the mouse over is quite small.

Best wishes

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