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Bug#562106: install fails

On 23.12.09 Tim Enger (timenger@googlemail.com) wrote:


> > Your fmtutil.cnf file has been replaced by the content expected in
> > texmf.cnf.Could you run update-fmtutil and then try again.
> >   
> $ sudo update-fmtutil
> $ fmtutil-sys --all 2> error
> sudo because
> $ update-fmtutil
> update-fmtutil: unable to determine the configuration directory; you can
> specify it with --conf-dir
> Hope that's right?
Ah, OK. It is not the fmtutil-sys program, but the update-fmtutil,
which is not working correctly. When running as sudo it probably has
the environment of the normal user and hence not the system wide
fmtutil.cnf is updated, but the user-specific one. Please put the
"set -x" into the update-fmtutil script and run it with "2> file" as

Just to make sure: You did run fmtutil-sys as user root, right?

sigmentation fault

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