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Re: trigger question for texinfo/install-info

Hi Ian,

On Sa, 14 Mär 2009, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > for the very simple triggers on info files in texinfo/install-info,
> I've looked at this.  It's basically fine although the postinst is a
> bit over complex.
> There is no need to select on $action.  There is also no need to
> select on the trigger name.  Your postinst can only be run for
> triggers that your package explicitly asks for and since your package
> only says `interest /usr/share/info', you know that every trigger will

Right, thanks. I will fix it. It is anyway in testing and review phase
and we need stuff in dpkg first, too.

> So your postinst should just run update-info-dir.

Fine, I will work on that.

> Also as triggers.txt says:
>     The use of a file trigger, and the name of the trigger used, should be
>     stated in policy, so that a package which creates a relevant file in a
>     maintainer script can activate the trigger explictly.

Aehmmm, that I missed. Ok. I will commit that to debian-policy.
Interestingly nobody from the dpkg team even mentioned that while
discussing the install-info GNU/dpkg merge. Thanks for spotting that.

> > 	svn://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-tex/tex-common/trunk/debian
> This is indeed more complicated.  I'm not sure I understand it fully
> but some of the code I see in the postinst.in makes me uneasy.  Do you
> have an explanation of how it's supposed to work and what the files
> are for ?

Hehe, that is *really* tricky. I am not sure if I want to explain
everything, but first if you are interested it would be fine to
understand the working of dh_installtex. The manpage is quite extensive,
I am not sure if that is enough for a starting.

> Feel free to answer in German if you feel writing in English is

Thanks no need, my English is up to (every) business.

> Also, have you read the section in triggers.txt about error handling ?

Yes I have, but probably not implemented. Do you have anything special
in mind?

Best wishes


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