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Bug#515635: (fwd) Re: Bug#515635: lmodern: No old-style figures in LMTypewriter10.

Hi T.

> I'm not sure. Does the changelog entry mean that the glyphs moved to
> different unicode addresses? In 1.00-3, they are at U+F730 - U+F739,
> as in other fonts like Caslon, Iwona, Kurier. In 1.010x-5, gucharmap
> shows me substitute characters from some other font at these unicode
> addresses; see the attached screenshots.

The fonts that are registered with X11 are PostScript Type1 fonts that
know *nothing* about unicode. Glyphs in Type1 fonts only have names.
There exist mappings from glyphname to unicode address, but it seems
that gucharmap maps, e.g., 'oneoldstyle' but not 'one.oldstyle'. From
my point of view, this is a bug in gucharmap and not in lmodern, if
there is any bug. Note that it is current Adobe recommodation to use
the more general one.oldstyle over oneoldstyle.


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