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Bug#501147: /usr/bin/pdftex: pdftex: Incorrect pdf produced from a single correct pdf file

reassign 501147 libpoppler3
found 501147 0.8.7-1

On 15.10.08 Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at) wrote:
> On Mi, 15 Okt 2008, Olivier Cailloux wrote:


> > To make it short: it seems that the problem is distro-specific,
> > as pdftex built from source (and using xpdf) works while the
> > Debian-packaged pdftex (using libpoppler) shows the bug. And
> > thus, the problem MIGHT come from libpoppler, that being the most
> > obvious difference between these two pdftex programs.
> > 
> > This bug might thus be closed, waiting for a more recent
> > libpoppler
> No, it should be reassigned to libpoppler.
ACK. Doing so.

sigmentation fault

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