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Bug#37515: Start earning money today!

Some employees are needed for a part-time position of a FINANCIAL AGENT in our company. Our company is one of a leading global transportation 
services provider specialized in all kinds of shipping and escrow transactions.
We do not require any special experience-we need responsible and honest employees who have a good reputation for that job. You will get new experience 
in our company and a high level of income.
1. You will have 7% from each transaction and totally your will have approximately $1700-$2300 per your PROBATIONARY MONTH. (Moreover you can use the 
work with us as an additional job except the basic one but should notify us before)

If you are interested in that position, please let me know and send me a message to my e-mail: email
You will get all additional details within 24 hours.
Yours sisncerely
Mr. Ronald Rosinski
Personnel Manager, Pes Group Co.

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