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Bug#483019: texlive-xetex: xelatex fails to display included PDF graphics

On 28 May 2008, at 4:40 pm, Norbert Preining wrote:

The OOo file is "tagged PDF" (whatever that means), which was not
supported by DVIPDFMx or (hence) xdvipdfmx until very recently. You'd
get a warning about this if running xdvipdfmx without the -q option
that xetex uses by default.

But it *did* include it in TL2007 without the xdvipdfmx patch you put
into tl2007.2.

I guess that was before DVIPDFMx checked for tagged PDF and rejected it as unsupported.

Is there a way that it still works the way images were included in

I think you have several options:

(1) stay with the xdvipdfmx version that shipped with TL2007.0, which handles this (blindly) but will lack whatever other bug-fixes have been applied since;

(2) use patched xdvipdfmx from TL2007.2, which benefits from a number of fixes but explicitly refuses to include tagged PDF; or

(3) use the very latest xdvipdfmx from current TL trunk (you should be able to create a patch with "svn diff" fairly easily); AFAIK this should work but I don't have time and resources to put into really testing that combination.

Sorry, I really don't have time right now to disentangle the various changes that have happened along the way, to revert this change from TL2007.2 without reverting the other changes, or to backport the latest update to PDF inclusion separately from the rest of the changes that are going into TL2008. Most of this comes more-or-less directly from DVIPDFMx cvs, so I'm not deeply familiar with all of it.

Personally, I'd suggest you try (3), and see if that works for the problem document.

svn diff \
svn://tug.org/texlive/branches/branch2007/Build/source/texk/ xdvipdfmx/ \

should give you a patch to try.

So the solution is to persuade OOo to refrain from writing tagged
PDF, or update to TL2008; the xdvipdfmx there will support this (to
the extent of ignoring the tagging but including the image anyway).

But at least current i386-linux binaries do not work. But I guess they
haven't been updated.

Right; TL2008 binaries are not yet built and committed.


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