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Re: triggers support in tex-common

On So, 11 Mai 2008, Norbert Preining wrote:
> I have started hacking a bit into tex-common for triggers. Since I want
> to keep it separate, please check out
> 	tex-common/branches/triggers

Ok, now that actually works already. More changes have been made to the
dh_installtex etc so that the normal call of dh_installtex does not

Please someone give it a try:
- get the branch
- build a package from it and install it
- build some (better more) font package or better even mixed font/fmt
  packages with the NEW dh_installtex
- install/remove etc the packages.

I made some tests with my tex-gfs-didot and tex-gfs-poson fonts, and it
worked. Well, we will see. Bugs there will be.

Ahhhhhh, IMPORTANT: triggers are now ONLY supported for updmap.d
changes. I don't consider updates to texmf.d (one call to update-texmf
which is really fast) and to fmt.d and language.d (regeneration only
some formats currently as important. The updmap seems to be the worst

OTOH, hopefully we will have a *much* faster updmap soon written in
texlua, then we could again forget all the trigger stuff ... ;-)

Anyway, please give it a try

Best wishes


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