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Bug#477152: [Fwd: Re: Licensing info in computational-complexity LaTeX class (Debian Bug#477152)]

> De: Michael Nüsken <nuesken@bit.uni-bonn.de>
> I'll change it as soon as possible.

It was indeed updated on CTAN yesterday. License info in generated files now

> Copyright 2000-\the\year
> Michael N"usken, Joachim von zur Gathen, computational complexity
> This is a generated file.  It is part of the
>      computational complexity macro package
> derived from cc.dtx by 'tex cc.ins'.
> See cc.dtx for license information.

while cc.dtx refers to "LPPL v1.2 or latter at your option".

One restrictive statement remains in cc.ins :

%% In particular, NO PERMISSION is granted to modify the contents of this
%% file since it contains the legal notices that are placed in the files
%% it generates.

but I don't really know wether this is a problem or not.  The author asked me
in private in I thought everything was ok; I didn't answer him yet.  What do
you think?

Anyway, I updated it in TL svn today (rev 7666) so the bug can be tagged
fixed-upstream if you think the new license statement is ok.


PS: I just noticed the journal.bib has no license statement at all :/

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