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Re: RFC: doc splitting and merge of htmlxml branch

Hi Frank, hi all,

thanks for the answer ...

On Mit, 22 Aug 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> - Even if jadetex and xmltex don't change, they need to be adjusted to
>   changes in the TeX infrastructure; if I'm not mistaken this is
>   currently done by using dh_installtex

And probably not much more. Currently all the stuff is done via
dh_installtex, which we have to keep up2date anyway.

> - which means they might need to be adapted to changes in
>   dh_installtex...

In fact only to TDS layout, nothing else, since the rules call

> - if we integrate them, the transition might cause problems, and we have
>   no shortage of more or less interesting and important problems yet...

Yes, that was my idea.

> - on the other hand, we can hope that we will never need to spend half a
>   thought on them if they are included in texlive and the transition is
>   done

We had to think about it soo many times, and I am sure that with the
incorporation into texlive-html many of these things will resurface

> thing to consider: We have already done the work, and the patches do
> apply at the moment.  If we decide that we want to include them in TL

The only changes actually belonging to the html inclusion was in the
tpm2deb.cfg file, and they were minimal.

All the other changes can be incorportated now, they were bug fixes,
debugging etc. Nothing we want to keep outside trunk.

So the only real part is the tpm2deb.cfg change, which can be
incorporated at any time (if we don't change the infrastructure

> I'm undecided.  But since I cannot offer any help in doing the
> transition, and Norbert seems to be against it, I guess the choice
> should be "keep them".

Ok. So I propose the following:
- I incorporate the stuff from htmlxml branch which is not strictly
  necessary for the stuff, the bug fixes, into trunk
- include the rest of the diff into the svn trunk/patches
- remove the branch

Everyone agrees?

Best wishes


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