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Re: package lmodern depends question

On 02.08.07 Colin Tuckley (colin@tuckley.org) wrote:


> I was a bit surprised to find it depended on tex-common. I don't
> understand the way fonts work in Debian so can someone explain why
> this is. In fact all three of it's depends appear to be related to
> using the font rather than being used by the font.
The postinst scripts of the package e.g. call update-updmap,
update-language, update-fmtutil, which are necessary to set the
package up for a TeX system (at least the first one). These programs
are actually sitting in tex-common.

Which leads me to two other questions:
- Are the plans to put these tools into texlive-common and make
  tex-common obsolete?
- Why does the postinst script call update-fmtutil? Yes, I know this
  is an automatically added section.

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