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Re: License issues

Hi Frank, hi all,

On Fre, 20 Jul 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> - I think we should concatenate the current debian/copyright and the
>   per-binary License file to one per-binary copyright file.  It
>   shouldn't be hard to do, and it conforms better with letter and intent
>   of Policy.

Shouldn't be too hard, just adjust the all/debian/generate-license-file
by cat-ing the end result onto copyright.

> - I have (in my local copy) added some of the explanatory parts from
>   tetex-base's copyright.headers (but not the whole lengty procedural
>   details) to the copyright file.


> - I have also added again the license texts, or referrers to
>   /usr/share/doc/common-licenses


> - We should install the lppl with texlive-common.  Currently it's in
>   tl-latex-base, but there might also be generic macros under that
>   license which don't depend on tl-latex-base.

I would just drop a copy into
and be gone. Nothing else to do.

> - euler: LPPL according changelog, but no indication in file.

AFAIR eulervm 3.0 had the problem of missing/wrong copyright, but not
there is eulervm 4 inclouded which ships with proper copyright notice.
So it might be that you had the same problem in teTeX I had last year
with TL2005:
>From TODO:
* eulervm: howto NOT include the original 3.0a version and still get
  an entry for eulervm in the description of texlive-fonts-extra?
(which in fact can be deleted ;-)

Best wishes


PS: THanks Frank for taking up all this stuff, I am trying to stay a bit
in touch ...

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