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Re: More fine-grained control in texlive?

Dear Frank,

On Jun 28 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:
> > Can I suggest you some partitions? For instance, we have
> > texlive-math-extra, but we don't have texlive-math-recommended, which I
> > would like to see for consistency purposes (and it would be useful too).
> Can you give a concrete suggestion with sizes?

Well, regarding the sizes, I have not yet thought, but one thing that I
see that is more or less intriguing for a mere user is the following:

1 - in tl-science, we have:
      alg, algorith2e, algorithmicx, algorithms, pseudocode, clrscode,
      complexity, computational-complexity, galois

      These are strictly mathematic/computer science packages. Perhaps we
      could have them in a tl-math-recommended?

2 - is tl-doc-base really mandatory?

3 - can we move some fonts out of tl-math-extra?

4 - in the current debian distribution, we have the package rcs-latex
    and tl-latex-recommmended mentions that it has rcs. Is this a

5 - the package euler (for math) is in tl-latex-recommended, while
    eulervm (which I heard is the preferred choice) is in
    tl-latex-extra. Is this correct?

6 - just for consistency's sake, we have beton (for text) in
    tl-fonts-extra. I would like to see it in tl-latex-recommended, if
    possible (so that we can typeset a text using the fonts from
    "Concrete Mathematics").

> > Can we migrate fonts from -extra to -recommended? 
> That would require a new orig.tar.gz, but it's not impossible.

Regarding sizes, here is what I have, after installing the packages for
(basic) (math) typesetting in my system:

rbrito@dumont:~$ dpigs
135200 texlive-fonts-extra
126180 texlive-latex-extra
56732 emacs-snapshot-common
45628 texlive-latex-base
37072 texlive-latex-recommended
30388 libgcj7-0
26940 iceweasel
25552 texlive-fonts-recommended
19784 texlive-base-bin
18056 pidgin-data

Notice that the majority of the packages here are from texlive. Some
quite big.

> > And can we fix some descriptions of packages? I see that some don't
> > have description, were it would be quite useful for the packages to
> > have.
> That's easy, just send the packages and the new description.

Ah, this I can help.

One thing that I would like to know about the way you all built the
infrastructure is the tpm* files. What are they exactly? I want to join
some forces on helping you. Unfortunately, my students declined the job
of working with LaTeX.

> > I can say more precisely which migrations I would implement or which
> > captions we could have described, but let me first know if this is
> > intended.
> The current splitting of texlive is along upstream's "collection-*", and
> this I wouldn't want to change.

I'm not familiar with upstream. I guess that I will check to see how
they organize the packages.

> But where each collection ends up (in which source and binary package)
> is a matter of our choice, and we haven't had much feedback about that
> AFAICT.  So I would say: Yes, I'm happy to discuss this.

Thank you very much for being open about this subject, Frank!

> On the other hand, such movements do cause maintainance overhead: Not
> only do we need to add Replaces, also other packages which
> (Build)-Depend on texlive need to be adjusted.  One could say that
> right now, where most people have not yet switched to texlive, is the
> right moment.

I agree 100%.

> On the other hand, we want the packages to stabilize and move to
> testing, and from August texlive will be in low-maintainance mode
> (unless someone, could be a non-DD, steps up and says they have free
> time in summer...) since Norbert and I will be hardly available.

I am rbrito-guest on alioth. When you gain enough confidence on my job,
you could add me as a contributor to the project.

Oh, BTW, I will quite possibly have my key signed by a friend that is a
Debian Developer and I intend to enter the New Maintainer's Queue.

Thank you very much, Rogério.

Rogério Brito : rbrito@ime.usp.br : http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito
Homepage of the algorithms package : http://algorithms.berlios.de
Homepage on freshmeat:  http://freshmeat.net/projects/algorithms/

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