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Re: [ITH] xmltex, passivetex, offer to take over jadetex

Am Montag, den 23.04.2007, 15:46 +0200 schrieb Frank Küster:

> in the last months or even years, xmltex and passivetex have been
> basically unmaintained (and they *do* have bugs), and responses from the
> list which is listed as maintainer are very rare.  jadetex is actually
> maintained by you, Ohura-san, but maybe gets not as much care as it
> could have - and anyway the coordination with the TeX Task Force could
> be better than we currently manage for a package so tightly coupled to
> TeX.
> On the other hand, integration of these three components into TeXLive
> has already been accomplished upstream, and we only cut them out because
> they existed as separate packages already in the days of teTeX only.

I already saw that and wanted to contact you to talk about a possible
overhanding of xmltex (I saw, that the xmltex page says, it's part of

> We therefore intend to essentially take over xmltex and passivetex,

No objections from me. I CCed Ardo van Rangelrooij, who seems
responsible for xmltex as part of the Debian XML/SGML group.

> by
> providing a package texlive-xml or similar[1] which would "Provide:
> xmltex, passivetex", and then requesting their removal on ftp.debian.org
> as RoM.

passivetex has already been removed, JFTR. If you want to re-add it (as
part of texlive-xml), please also check 
http://bugs.debian.org/xmlto (some bugs there are IIRC related to
passivetex issues)

I'm not CCed to Debian TeX maintainers list, so please CC me, if you
answer from there.

Regards, Daniel

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