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Bug#419893: texlive-base-bin: Fails to install due to fmutil-sys failed

On 18.04.07 B.West (wingman@war-birds.org) wrote:

> Package: texlive-base-bin
> Version: 2007-4
> Severity: normal
Just pointing out the relevant error message.

> fmtutil: running `omega -ini   -jobname=omega -progname=omega omega.ini' ...
> /usr/bin/fmtutil: line 316: omega: command not found
> Error: `omega -ini  -jobname=omega -progname=omega omega.ini' failed
> mv: cannot stat `omega.log': No such file or directory
Please send in your fmtutil.cnf and the dir /etc/fmt.d as zip file.

sigmentation fault

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