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Re: texlive-bin build breakage ...

On Mit, 14 Feb 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> > (BTW: Do you know whether irc.debian.org is down, gaim cannot connect!)
> No, I'm currently logged on.

Strange. I think my wlan route is a bit stupid ...

> > Did you forget to submit something?
> Hm, I committed a change to trunk/texlive-bin/debian/Build.debian:
> svn diff -r2209:HEAD texlive-bin/debian/Build.debian
> And I understood that this is the script that is used?

No, wrong. Currently upstreams Build is used, not Build.debian.

Build.debian is still from 2005 and does not honor the TL_CONFIGURE
settings. The current one needs no fixing. Ok, now it needs some fixing

What do we do, copy the upstream to Build.debian, merge your changes,
change rules.in do use Build.debian, or something else?

Best wishes


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