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Re: Mapping of teTeX files to TeXLive packages

"Kevin B. McCarty" <kmccarty@Princeton.EDU> wrote:

> Frank Küster wrote:
>> By the way, we've had little feedback about the TeX policy and
>> implementation by maintainers of TeX add-on packages.  It seems you did
>> read and understand it - I'd be glad if you could report any
>> inconsistencies, badly phrased parts etc.
> Hi Frank,
> It has actually been a while since I looked at the policy - I ITP'ed
> feynmf about a year ago.  At the time I remember having to re-read the
> policy a few times to figure out exactly what parts applied to me, since
> feynmf doesn't do anything fancy (no fonts, no formats).  Perhaps there
> could be an obvious section at the beginning of ch. 4.2 titled something
> like "Configuration of simple TeX add-ons", for which all that needs to
> be done on post{inst,rm} is to run update-updmap.  Or maybe a tutorial
> would be helpful with several different cases.

I have done some editing on the Policy document.  I've added this after
the "terms and definitions" chapter:

+      <heading>TeX packages for the impatient</heading>
+      <p>      
+	<list>
+	<item>
+	  Ah package that only installs TeX input files, e.g. a new
+	  LaTeX package, should install them in
+	  the <var>TEXMFMAIN</var> tree
+	  (<file>/usr/share/texmf/</file>) at the place indicated by
+	  the TDS, see <ref id="tds-libkpse">, and register them in
+	  the maintainer scripts, usually by
+	  calling <prgn>dh_installtex</prgn>
+	  in <file>debian/rules</file>
+	</item>
+	<item>
+	  Packages that add fonts, hyphenation patterns or formats, or
+	  want to change the basic configuration
+	  in <file>texmf.cnf</file> need to follow the rules in
+	  in <ref id="update-progs"> addition to that.
+	</item>
+      </list>
+      </p>
+    </chapt>

Furthermore, I have structured the long section on font configuration a
bit more.  After the introductory sentence ("just use dh_installtex")
follows a subsection that describes what dh_installtex does, or what a
manual packaging would have to do, and a separate rationale subsection.

> Also, maybe push dh_installtex a little more, including mentioning the
> minimum version of tex-common one should Build-Depend(-Indep) upon to
> use it.  I think a lot of what's mentioned in the policy chapter 4 is
> now automated by dh_installtex somehow?  Ditto for the appendix.

This should now be clearer.  Effectively, no versioned depends is
needed, since tex-common doesn't exist at all in sarge, and etch,
backports.org and sid have only vew enough versions.

Regards, Frank
Dr. Frank Küster
Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer (teTeX/TeXLive)

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