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Bug#396965: texlive-latex-extra: curve needs ltxtable to work

retitle 396965 ltxtable.sty is missing
reassign 396965 texlive-latex-base

On Sat, Nov 04, 2006 at 00:04 +0100, Bernard Adrian wrote:
> Curve, which belongs to this package, can't work. It requires ltxtable.sty
> (of David Carlisle). Since some contribs of D. Carlisle are in
> texlive-latex-base, maybe it would be convenient to add ltxtable.sty
> in that package ? Otherwise, it would be necessary, imho, to add it in
> texlive-latex-extra.

Thanks for your report and analysis. This is indeed a bug in
texlive-latex-base where ltxtable.sty is missing, while the
documentation ltxtable.pdf is actually installed. This might actually
also be an upstream issue, since carlisle.tpm does not mention
ltxtable.sty (as opposed to ltxtable.pdf).


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