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Bug#380227: Suggestions for texlive packaging (was: Bug#380227: texlive-bin: Why is the source in a tar.bz archive?)

On Fre, 29 Sep 2006, Frank Küster wrote:

[...] many usefull things deleted

> With proper names for the configuration variables and separate files,
> much of the "we should really document this" would already be resolved. 

I agree 150%, I just didn't come around to do exactely this!!!

If you would have taken a look into the script at an early stage, you
would have seen even less configurations and much more build in logic. I
am trying to extract implicite stuff as far as possible, but there are
so many other things to care for, that this always slips under the
urgency limit...

If there would be someone else helping me with the script, I would
hardly appreciate some changes to it ...

Best wishes


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