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Bug#385213: texlive-latex-extra: caption3 package is not provided but needed

[Please CC the bug when replying so that other developers are informed,
too. THanks.]

Sebastien Blondeel wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 02:06:52PM +0200, Ralf Stubner wrote:
>> \usepackage[font=small,labelfont=bf,labelsep=period,
>>             justification=centerlast]
>>             {caption}[2004/11/28]
>> Here an installed tetex-extra would be enough.
> So I guess this will be fixed automatically in time in some future
> version (when the upstream files reget packaged), without having to
> change/fix the recommendataions and dependencies of the Debian packages?

Not necessarily. It only means that the new version of floatrow.sty
would work together with either texlive-latex-base or tetex-extra. Since
none of them are recommended/suggested at the moment, I think Norbert's
suggestion still makes sense.


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