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Re: The hated xmltex/jadetex games in combination with new tex-common

On Mit, 23 Aug 2006, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> You might want to add a newline at the end of jadetex.ini as well.
> (Do a diff -u jadetex.ini pdfjadetex.ini to see what I mean, unless
> you have already done this.)

The newline is in the diff, but the .orig.tar.gz contains a file without
newline ...

> > How to change this? I don't necessarily want to dig into the
> > configure.in/Makefile.in hell....
> I don't see it with my tetex installation.  Don't know where it comes
> from, and I wouldn't be particularly bothered about it.

Good, think so too.

Tonight I will prepare a new jadetex NMU were the changelog entry closes
the two bugs Frank has opened to deal with this. Then I will send a mail
to the maintainer.

I think if we don't get any answer, neither for pgf nor for jadetex,
then we should go for a NMU.

Best wishes


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