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Bug#382870: texlive-latex-recommended: beamer.cls depends on pgfcore.sty which is not available

Hi all!

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> > $ grep pgf CHANGES.packaging
> >   * upgrade pgf in texlive-pictures to 1.01 for compatibility fixes
> >
> Does that mean that 1.00 is generally buggy in Debian, or just that 1.00
> does not work properly with special components in TeXlive?

1.00 is buggy by itself:
2005-11-16 Till Tantau <tantau@users.sourceforge.net>

        Version 1.01:

        - Added textures support.
        - Added text opacity option.
        - Fixed bug in pgfbasesnakes.code.tex causing lot's of
          'missing = in nullfont' message in log file.
        - Fixed bug that made plain tex mode unusable.
        - Fixed missing pgfsys-vtex.def in FILES.
        - Fixed wrong box placements in compatibility mode.
        - Fixed SVG support to create legal xml.
        - Moved documentation to doc/generic/pgf.

Especially the 
	- Fixed wrong box placements in compatibility mode.
hits practically *all* documents using the old 0.65 commands. And as I
have quite some of them which I don't want/can convert ...

Best wishes


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