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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] GPL Vietnamese font package available

Clytie Siddall wrote:

> We have had some difficulty getting our font designers to take on the  
> licensing issues, but one  font package has already been licensed  
> under the GPL. It's called URWVN [1]. The project admin is a team- 
> mate of mine, and happy to work with you to integrate these fonts in  
> Debian.

It is worth noting that both TeX systems in Debian (teTeX and TeX Live)
already contain the URWVN fonts. However, these are not setup for usage
with X11/fontconfig. In order to reduce duplication one could either
build only a small package which would add X11/fontconfig support to the
fonts in the TeX packages. Or one could build a separate package for
these fonts which has both TeX and X11/fontconfig support, similar to
the lmodern package. The URWVN fonts could then be removed form the TeX
packages in question.


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