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Fun with updates

Hi everybody,

after being buried in lots of work, a spontaneous holiday and the
christmas season I have finally found the time to update my teTeX
installation to the ew scheme with /etc/texmf as TEXMFSYSCONFIG and
/usr/share/texmf-tetex as (part of) TEXMFDIST.

The update was smooth and up to now everything is working fine.

I was a bit suprised to find a directory /e/t/fonts/map/dvips/context
with il2-ams-cmr.map and pl0-ams-cmr.map in it. Both these mapfies
belong to teTeX 2.0.2 and are probably left overs from my 2.0.2 -> 3.0
update. Unfortunately I don't know where those files where before. Maybe
/e/t/map/dvips/context. But I am wondering why these files seem to have
been moved, while all the other files in /e/t/map/dvips were not

I sort of expected to have problems with all these mapfiles no longer
being found, but that is not the case:

$ kpsewhich lm.map 

I find it rather strange that lm.map is found there, but TEXFONTMAPS


If in both braces the empty path after the last comma takes effect, 
*every* file within a TEXMF tree can be found when looking for map

$ kpsewhich --format=map article.cls
$ kpsewhich --format=map 55Fonts.cnf

What is the rational behind this setting of TEXFONTMAPS?


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