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Re: fontmap-cfg directory in tex-common

Hi Frank, and all others!

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:

> [Changed the subject to attract Florent's attention ;-)]


> Why not simply var/lib/tex-common/fontmap-cfg?  I see that it's the same
> in teTeX-3.0 packages, maybe Florent knows an explanation?  I don't see
> the purpose of a "debian" subdirectory in a debian package, at least not
> at this place...

We discussed this shortly when the directory was introduced. To be
accurate, its name in the tetex 3 packages is
/var/lib/tetex/debian/fontmap-cfg/. The idea for the "debian" part was
to avoid a possible conflict with a hypothetic future fontmap-cfg
directory shipped by upstream tetex. But I have no strong feelings about
that. If everyone finds that ugly and useless, it can be changed. Now,
it won't cause any trouble since very few packages use this
infrastructure. Later, renaming will be more difficult.


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