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Bug#204953: tetex-bin: Same Problem (maybe)

On 12.10.04 Tyson Whitehead (twhitehe@uwo.ca) wrote:
> On October 12, 2004 07:25, you wrote:
> > On 08.10.04 Tyson Whitehead (twhitehe@uwo.ca) wrote:


> > > I can't quite read the original bug report, but I may have
> > > experienced the same problem.
> >
> > I disagree.
> That's what I've been told.  All I could read from the bug report
> on my machine was the title (which sounded like the same problem). 
> The body was littered with control characters that obscured the
> text in it when I tried viewing it on my box.
Well, all that were control characters from texconfig, but the final
message was:

Could not find default config file for dvipdfm (config).

which differs slightly from that one you've got.

> I finally (after a couple of hours of reading bug reports and
> reinstalling the various tetex packages) reinstalled the
> libkpathsea3 package and everything is fine now. I can't even
> reproduce the problem.
That makes we wondering: before you had on your system libkpathsea3
2.0.2-22 and after the reinstall too (at least, if you hadn't a
completely broken installation, like in #253417).
So, the only reason I could see, was a missing ldconfig run. Or
you've changed something during your playings, you're not aware of.

> I posted the message because I figured maybe the original poster
> needed to reinstall his libkpathsea3 package as well.  The title
> sounded like he was having the same problems (and the other
> messages sounded like others couldn't duplicate the problem).
Well, just because the installation of your tetex-bin fails doesn't
mean, that there are the same reasons for that....

EOD, I'd say,
sigmentation fault

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