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Bug#243384: tetex-bin: xdvi does not display colour text

severity 243384 wishlist

On 12.04.04 Sam Halliday (fommil@yahoo.ie) wrote:
> Stefan Ulrich wrote:
> > Sam Halliday writes:


> > > however, xdvi displays all the text in the foreground
> > > colour; instead of the
> > > correct colour asked of in the .tex file.
> > Current versions of xdvi (>= 22.71) display the color
> > correctly.
> excellent... how long should we need in debian/unstable for those
> changes?
IIRC is xdvi 22.74 contained in the recent beta-releases of teTeX.
teTeX 3.0 should be not too far away and will be packaged ASAP. I
think it will not go into sarge.

sigmentation fault

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