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Re: interpreting tetex-bin buildd logs


frank@kuesterei.ch (Frank Küster) wrote:

> How does one interpret these buildd logs? 

The build was presumably successful (no timeout, 0 exit status...).

> http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?arch=mipsel&pkg=tetex-bin says:
> 2.0.2-7 (latest build at Feb 12 19:12: maybe-successful)
> So that sounds good. No idea why it didn't propagate into testing. 

It seems it was built on mipsel but not uploaded to the archive. At
least, I cannot see it in the pool on ftp.debian.org. The very same
thing happened to one of my packages some time ago...

>From my understanding of the buildd infrastructure, if there was no
error whatsoever in the process, it may mean that Ryan Murray did not
sign the built package yet (well, he still might have signed it but not
uploaded, though I wouldn't see the point in doing so).

Florent "still waiting for lmodern 0.86-8 to be accepted (fscking
         override file...) *sigh*"

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