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Bug#209395: teTeX: language.dat mislinked

Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp> schrieb:

> If I misunderstand your idea and it is really possible
> to provide language.dat modified by debconf and also
> (completely) human editable, then very sorry.

I don't know Hilmar's ideas ;-), but yes, it is. One can combine debconf
sections and manually edited sections in one conffile. /etc/locale.gen
and /etc/environment are examples everybody should have.

Since language.dat doesn't depend on the order of the entries, on could
easily do it like this. The only thing one cannot do manually AFAIS is
unload patterns that are loaded by debconf - but that doesn't make much
sense, anyway.

(no, no patch yet or this weekend)

Bye, Frank
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie

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