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Re: latex searchs complete home directory -> extremely slow

Rainer Dorsch writes:

> I have two debian machines (approximately same hardware) with my
> home directory NFS mounted. On one machine latex runs normal, on the
> other, startup is extremly slow. On the slow machine, I found using

> $ latex -kpathsea-debug=-1 bericht02.tex
> [...]
> kdebug:Search path for ls-R files (from texmf.cnf)
> kdebug:  = /home/rainer//texmf:/usr/local/share/texmf:/usr/local/lib/texmf:/usr/share/texmf:/var/spool/texmf

Note the double slash in the first component: /home/rainer//texmf
It is your problem, as it indicates that kpathsea should do a
recursive search at that point of the path.

Presumably your "$HOME" on that machine is "/home/rainer/" instead of
"/home/rainer" ?

Olaf Weber

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