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latex searchs complete home directory -> extremely slow


I have two debian machines (approximately same hardware) with my home 
directory NFS mounted. On one machine latex runs normal, on the other, startup 
is extremly slow. On the slow machine, I found using

$ latex -kpathsea-debug=-1 bericht02.tex
kdebug:Search path for ls-R files (from texmf.cnf)
kdebug:  = /home/rainer//texmf:/usr/local/share/texmf:/usr/local/lib/texmf:/usr
kdebug:  before expansion = $TEXMF:$VARTEXFONTS
kdebug:  application override path = (none)
kdebug:  application config file path = (none)
kdebug:  texmf.cnf path = $TEXMF:$VARTEXFONTS
kdebug:  compile-time path = /usr/share/texmf:/var/spool/texmf
kdebug:  default suffixes = ls-R
kdebug:  other suffixes = (none)
kdebug:  search only with suffix = 0
kdebug:  numeric format value = 9
kdebug:  runtime generation program = (none)
kdebug:  extra program args = (none)
kdebug:  program enabled = 0
kdebug:  program enable level = 0
kdebug:start search(file=ls-R, must_exist=1, find_all=1, 
kdebug:kpse_normalize_path (/home/rainer//texmf) => 1
kdebug:kpse_normalize_path (/home/rainer//texmf) => 1
kdebug:hash_lookup(/home/rainer/proc) => (nil)
kdebug:dir_links(/home/rainer/proc) => 5
kdebug:hash_lookup(/home/rainer/proc/WORK) => (nil)
kdebug:dir_links(/home/rainer/proc/WORK) => 3
kdebug:hash_lookup(/home/rainer/proc/WORK/linux) => (nil)
kdebug:dir_links(/home/rainer/proc/WORK/linux) => 2

That indicates that my home directory is searched completely (what is complete 
non-sense). Since I could not find the problem, I purged tetex from the 
machine completely (/etc/texmf was empty) and reinstalled it (including 

But nothing changed. It is hard to believe that it is because of 
configurations in the home directory, because it works with the same home on 
the other machines.

Any ideas, which packages I could reinstall (or any caches which are not 
removed, when removing tetex)?



Rainer Dorsch
Abt. Rechnerarchitektur  e-mail:rainer.dorsch@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Uni Stuttgart            Tel.: +49-711-7816-215 / Fax: +49-711-7816-288
Breitwiesenstr. 20-22    D-70565 Stuttgart

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