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Bug#111366: TeX source too old

"JG" == Julian Gilbey <J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk> writes:

    JG> LaTeX barely changes these days.  This warning is,
    JG> indeed, ignored.  But removing it might be nice.

The core doesn't change much, but some of the peripheral stuff
does (for example, there's a new version of PSNFSS that's out

The big killer for us updating the version of LaTeX in the Debian
teTeX packages is that the general concensus seems to be that we
should just repackage the upstream source.  Updating LaTeX would
require Thomas Esser to release a new version of teTeX, and the
last I heard he was too busy to do that anytime soon.

We could modify the LaTeX source stuff so it doesn't warn people
when they're generating new formats, but that could bite us
someday (maybe even now, if anyone's using any of the features
introduced in the last couple LaTeX releases).

The June 2001 release of LaTeX should be out any day now based on
previous year's performances; maybe we could talk Thomas into
doing another teTeX that updates LaTeX, at least.


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