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Re: No 'self life' of packages.

On 10/11/11 18:56, Dominic Amann wrote:
On 09/10/2011 12:48 PM, Robert Wolfe wrote:

Well if you are using this in a production environment, it's kinda crazy to use the testing version.  Also, if you aren't happy with what's available prepackaged, you could always download the source code to what you want and build your own package.  As far as updating, if you are using the testing build, then updating often is, IMO, a good idea.  If anything to keep up with all the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements/additions. 

Debian stable too old?  That's a matter of opinion.  I'd rather run stable on a production box than testing (although I do have two production boxes running each -- stable for day to day stuff that people use for reliability and a production testing box for those that like to use bleeding edge -- both of which have mirrored/replicated data using GlusterFS).

The original poster addressed all of your points in advance - stable IS TOO OLD for win/mac migrants. Their expectations are much higher in terms of versions of such basic things as internet and e-mail.

Downloading the source code and building is EXACTLY WHAT LINUX IS INFAMOUS FOR in the world of Win/Mac users. The whole point of a distro is to provide pre-built packages of everything they are likely to need in an easy to use fashion.

Updating often is something thing that Windows is infamous for. 700 MB downloads of updates in a month old system does appear disconcerting (to say the least) to a new Linux user.

The truth here is that Debian is not necessarily very well suited to novice desktop users, or even many power users. It is wonderful as the basis for many other excellent distributions that favour end users more, such as Ubuntu, and Mint, either of which I would recommend to the novice Win/Mac user. Both of which include much newer application software in their current incarnations, but use the current Debian kernel and package management system.

Dominic Amann
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QA of Ubuntu is too bad, Mint is basically the same thing. So I have only Debian at hand but I was also working about OpenSuse.

Anyway, I'm trying out Stable for this purpose, and also checked out apt pinning, but it's not much useful. Backports of Iceweasel/Chromium is missing for e.g. and they're horribly outdated.

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