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[install AMD64] software RAID support on "testing" CD


I'm in the process of installing a Debian Testing AMD64 on a brand new server. Almost everything goes fine, but it seems I can't créate a software RAID volume from the install CD. I've done this before with Sarge Install CD on an older x86 server, by using the MD module iirc. The server sports 4 SATA HD (Raptor). I want to make a RAID 5 with 3 of the disk, and keep the last one as a spare.

Any way to do this from the "testing" AMD64 install CD ?

the server: <http://supermicro.com/products/system/1U/6015/SYS-6015P- TR.cfm>
dmesg output: <http://patpro.net/~patpro/dmesg.txt>

Administrateur Système - SENTIER - Université Lumière Lyon 2

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