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Kernel oops when removing USB CDROM

Yesterday I noticed than when disconnecting the USB CDROM I get a kernel oops.
Something like "scsi badness in lib/get_kobject.c"
(did not write down the exact message)

The oops happens immediatelly after I disconnect the USB cable.

The kernel is kernel-image-2.6.8-2-k7-smp_2.6.8-13_i386.deb

HW data:
 - VIA KT400 + VIA 8235
 - USB CDROM is an LG GSA-4163 ATAPI DVD burner in an external USB2/FW
   enclosure with a Prolific chipset

I also noticed, than when connecting the unit, entries in /dev/ are
created, but not in /media/ or /etc/fstab. Bug ?


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