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Re: is there a version problem between Sarge Disk

On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 09:23:53AM +0100, belahcene wrote:
> Hi,
> I download last some CD's from /pub/cd-images/debian-weekly/i386/ Now, I 
> want to continue the downloading, but the content is not the same , i 
> 've noticed from the size for example for the new sarge1.iso is 671 150 
> 080 while the last one ( I ve downloaded ) is 671 012 864.
> The question is : the installation can run correctly if some CD's are 
> from the previous week and other from the current one??? Is there a 
> possible incompabilite ??
> If this is rhe case where can I find the previous week-release ( is 
> there a store for downolading )

I don't think they keep the old CD images, that would use a huge amount of space.

I recommend you use the minimal CD image:


(linked from http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/)

and after you have installed the base system, install extra packages over the
internet rather than burning a whole heap of CDs that will be out of date in a

Downloading a minimal base system and installing the rest over the net is in my
opinion much better than downloading a whole set of CD images, especially when
the distribution isn't finished and the CD images will change from week to
week.  Or course if the computer you're installing on doesn't have broadband
internet access, it might be easier to download the CD images.

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