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Re: kernel-image-2.6.0-test9 doesn't support usb keyboard

 stephen mulcahy said:
> Hi,
> I've tried the latest 2.6.0 package on my box which uses a usb keyboard
> and mouse. The kernel seems to boot fine without error but the keyboard
> or mouse refuse to work.
> I've had the same problem with a stock kernel compiled from sources -
> is this a known problem or is this a new development?

Yes, the input subsystem did change completely; only for the best, I may
say (mouse can now be opened both from the console and from X without
repeating, scroll wheel works out of the box, as do multiple mice...) The
following kernel options should get you going:




You'll probably need to modularize USB later, if you use hotplug, but
that's another issue.
Good luck!

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