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Re: how to install a testing package?

One way to do it is to change your "/etc/apt/sources.list" entries to read
"testing" instead of stable. Then run <apt-get update>, and then run
<apt-get [package-name]>.

Im fairly new to debian as well, and thats the only way I know how to do
it. I have not seen a switch to apt-get that lets you specify a release
version outside of what is in the sources.list file. That would be nice

Is there an easier way?


> I shouldn't have to ask this question, but I do.  It's probably all in
> the documentation somewhere, but I'm a Debian newbie and I still can't
> find my way around properly.
> I have just installed the stable debian release woody from CD-ROMs, my
> first experience with debian, and I have found it a success.  I
> especially liked app-get and its friends.
> Now there's a package (twiki) in the testing distribution I'd like to
> install.  It doesn't appear on the CDROMs, presumably because they are
> just the stable release.
> How do I go about it, so that it will be properly downloaded to the
> proper place, installed properly, and I retain a copy of the package in
> case I need to do it again?  Do I need to set up my own patial mirror on
> my hard disk somewhere?
> -- hendrik
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