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Re: installation report: sony camv/m picturebook

On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 02:03:35PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> - The language chooser seems to default to Castillian Spanish, which
>   is sorta odd, since I'd expect it to default to a more common language
>   (iirc this spanish dialect is from a small region of Spain). I'm not
>   going to comment on the choice of a default language, aside from that
>   I think it should be one of the top 5.

Hm, I guess you got Catalan, not Spanish (which is similar to Spanish,
but not quite, it's not a dialect even)... Did you see the lang-chooser
dialog? If you didn't, something weird must have happened there. Catalan
should be the first in the list, so maybe an accidental enter press got
you that language. I agree that English should be first, and maybe the
rest in alphabetical order.

> - There are no line drawing craracters around the dialog boxes in
>   dbootstrap, instead it uses things like "----". Perhaps this is due to the
>   slang-utf8 and the frame buffer console. In any event, it doesn't look
>   to great.

Yeah, this is a secondary effect of utf8 stuff. :\

> - The eximconfig that base-config is forced to use looks really
>   unprofessional since it doesn't use debconf. But I knew that. :-(

Oh well :(

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