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Re: RFD: Separate mailing list for users running testing?

Just one comment on choosing names:

If we use names like woody or potato in a mailing list name we are using
names which will eventually go out of use. That is the reason I suggested
using the beta word. It denotes that the list is not for users of the
current stable release, but the closest thing to beta that is currently in
the archive.

There is another reason that using woody might not be good. Once woody is
released, people might be searching an archived list that is full of
messages pertaining to bugs and workarounds that no longer apply since the
testing->frozen->stable transition fixes most of those things.

My proposal would have users only subscribing/unsubscribing to 2 lists
that would perpetually exist.

My choice of beta is that it is a lot easier to type than NotUsingStable.
If someone can come up with a better generic word that is not currently in
use for a list name, please let us all know.


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